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I created the Facebook site to share my interest in frontier and Native American history—especially that of the Nez Perce—with readers who share my passion. For the last 20 years, I’ve been researching and writing a historical novel, called Blood to Rubies, that includes many of the historical themes that interest me: strong frontier women—of all colors; the Oregon Trail, Custer, the Indian wars; horses, especially the legendary horses of the Nez Perce—Appaloosas; the daily life of pioneers and Indians, and the natural world of the West that Native Americans revered and invading whites sought to settle and sometimes exploited.

Blood to Rubies tells the story of a young itinerant frontier photographer named Frederick Cortland who, by way of the Oregon Trail, escapes being drafted into the Civil War and becomes a pioneer photographer. He ends up I Idaho, where he follows the story of an Irish immigrant woman and her adopted Irish father, who move to Idaho to raise horses. The woman, and Frederick, become friends with the local Nez Perce tribe, led by Chief Joseph. Together, they watch the unfolding of the tragic diaspora of the Nez Perce and become part of their story.

My hope is that this website will be an exciting journey exploring these many themes, sharing knowledge, stories, and pictures with each other, and reliving life and history on the American frontier. Please join me.

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