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They are the little literary engines that help fire the love of fiction across the continent. And you do it from within your own living rooms, kitchens, and family rooms and with friends and dear ones.


You take cerebral journeys to new worlds without leaving home and hearth, and share in your love of reading, adventure, thoughtfulness, and friendship and that is a magical process.


I hope you'll find Blood to Rubies fires your imagination and love of reading and conjures powerful emotions and revelations along the way. See my in-depth BOOK DISCUSSION GUIDE to help you get started. Included in that guide are links for further reading of related posts in my popular historical blog, Notes from the Frontier, to spark further conversation.

Many book clubs enjoy preparing dishes or meals that tie in food and culture related to the books 

feature. For Blood to Rubies, I've created an entire delectable NEZ PERCE MENU based on their

Native cuisine! Your book club can experience Nez Perce culture through you palate, including

cocktails (or mocktails) using Nez Perce foodstuffs from their ancestral lands. 

For book clubs with eight or more members, I offer ZOOM virtual get-togethers. Keep in mind

you can also join with other local book clubs to meet the numbers to qualify for a ZOOM event.

I also offer other fun perks and giveaways to encourage book clubs to share my book.

I would love to hear from your book club about your discussion experience.

You can email me at:

Happy reading and book-clubbing! Thank you, dear readers,

for joining me on this magical literary journey.

Book Club Discussion Guide
Please click here to view.

Nez Perce Menu Recipes 
Please click here to view. 

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