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I’m devoted to volunteering and social justice issues, especially in support of veterans, Native American issues, women's and children's empowerment, refugees, animal welfare, and environmentalism. All my life I've spent in public service, volunteering for nonprofits, serving on boards of directors, and providing pro bono writing, video, fundraising and media work. 

     I am especially devoted to THE CHIEF JOSEPH FOUNDATION  (see link below). I've volunteered my grant writing expertise to bring in $300,000 for their youth education and Appaloosa programs.  A percentage of my book sales will go to CJF. 

        I come from a military family dating back to the Revolutionary War and Civil War. Veterans' issues are personal to me. I've volunteered my writing and fundraising expertise for MILWAUKEE HOMELESS VETERANS, WOMEN'S VETERANS INITIATIVE and ARTFUL WARRIOR therapy program, working with the VA. 


 I've provided pro bono work for the INTERNATIONAL LEARNING CENTER (Wisconsin’s largest refugee organization); NEIGHBORHOOD HOUSE (serving inner-city children and families), THE NONPROFIT CENTER (NPC served nearly 750 nonprofits in Wisconsin, I served on the board of directors);  WISCONSIN HUMANE SOCIETY, LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS, WOMEN'S LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE, and many others.

     My novel Blood to Rubies is, at its core, about injustice—most of it, unanswered. But, sometimes, justice is answered, but by a means we will never know…

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